"Childhood Box" | A Return to Childhood


The box of our childhood is above all as its name indicates, a return to childhood, memories of cakes eaten during playtime with friends, breakfasts or for hours with family at home ...

This box is made for you to find or discover the most classic products / cookies and enjoy by children. We used to have these cookies during family snacks or with friends after school.

Whether you are big or small, the pleasure is the same!

You, too, travel in childhood with this box specially designed for adults and children :

  • Caramel lollipop  « Pierrot gourmand »
  • Puff Pastry with Chocolate Heart « LU »
  • Dragibus Soft “Haribo”
  • Crackers « Tuc »
  • Mini Strawberry cookies « BN»
  • Galette “saint Michel” 

Weight : 2500g

Inside the box

Kinder - Maxi

Lu - Granola chocolate cookies

Vico - Curly The Original, Peanut

Nestlé - Galak white Chocolate

St Michel - French Galettes 1905

Lu - Tuc Crackers Original


Joyeux annee!! My husband loved receiving the box of goodies for Christmas. It was so nice that he went online and shipped a box to his sister. Thank you for fast, friendly service! We will be ordering from you again. Merci beaucoup!

Shannon Swifka

Hello Merry, we received the chocolate weeks ago, that was fast! Thank you very much! And my husband and daughter love it very much, we are going to enjoy it slowly, by the way, thanks for St Michel's butter cookies. Please find attached pic of our lovely Dog "Bear" with our favorite chocolate : )

Katherine Ngai

I love the concept...it's the little comforting gift of the month. It's always so nice this kind of package when we are expatriates. Thanks @maboxfrancaise


OH LA LA! This is a great gift idea for my friends who live abroad :)


We love the concept of boxes for expats that are full of French products that we miss so much! A great gift idea. Thank you thank you!


When my friend Merry first brought French snacks & food here in the US, I fell in love! Literally the best! I am so excited that I get to have French snacks now and get it delivered!

Hergelaine Hestoque

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