Expat Favorite Box


Let me introduce you to our special Expat Favorite Box filled with all the essential treats you have been missing. Because after all, Ma Box Française was created after my expatriation to the US that made me miss all of my favorite treats from France 🇫🇷


What is inside : 

  • Curly “Vico”
  • Vanilla sugar “Alsa”
  • Tagada « Haribo »
  •  Milk baking chocolate “Nestlé”
  • Pepito Milk “LU”

Inside the box

Alsa - Vanilla Sugar

Alsa - Baking powder

Nestlé - Dark dessert chocolate

Pebeyre - Black truffle oil

Le Saunier De Camargue - Salt

Lo Provencale - Virgin Olive oil

Francine - Plain Flour T55

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